Therapeutic Touch as a Path of Consciousness, Healing & Service

An Intermediate and Advanced Level Workshop  

June 19-25 (Monday dinner – Sunday breakfast)

“The desire to learn, to grow, to transcend our limitations, is basic in all of us….Beyond this, many of us aspire to become more caring and more altruistic – to rid ourselves of narrow attitudes and selfish motives. Having become convinced that there is a spiritual reality that is deeper, more enduring, more joyful, more compassionate, more unitive than anything else we can experience in life, we want to align ourselves with that reality. To do so, we know instinctively that we must try to escape the bondage of the personal ego.”                              Dora Kunz

This program at Indralaya is for persons in the healthcare field and other committed Therapeutic Touch therapists who are treating people regularly and have a desire to go into greater depth regarding techniques, theory, and the exploration of healing dynamics, including the role of the Inner Self.  Indralaya is a healing place for all who attend, a place where we come to know being in harmony with each other and with Nature, thereby supporting the potential for healing to manifest in whatever form(s) it may be needed.  It is a place where we come open to learning, open to developing, and open to growing. Both intermediate and advanced students who are keen to deepen their understanding of healing and Therapeutic Touch are invited to attend.

This year, as always, as we engage in the healing act of Therapeutic Touch, the opportunity to delve more inth is possible.  The potential for uncovering more of the mystery of Healing through Compassion and Therapeutic Touch is made available to us.  As we continue to look further into the healing energies of wholeness, order and compassion and search ever deeper into the peace and unity of the centered heart and Nature, we continue to learn how to be more present to the guidance that is within.  In these ways we are supported in responding more fully to the intricacies of each individual we work with.

The daily workshop begins with a group meditation followed by clinical sessions in which attending Healees are treated with Therapeutic Touch. Throughout the clinical sessions all participants will be supported by group leaders and their peers, for by working together the potential for healing is deepened and our understanding of Therapeutic Touch can grow.   Debriefing and discussion will follow to deepen our understanding of the Therapeutic Touch process. Those Intermediate participants who so desire will have the opportunity to work with an advanced teacher throughout the week to support understanding of the processes of Therapeutic Touch.  Afternoons include rest and integration time to support the practitioner’s own healing and deepening journey; co-hort group gatherings; and afternoon and evening programs focused on practice, exploration and dialogue regarding specific aspects of the healing act, disease processes, and continuation of the inner journey. We will be responsive to other topics or issues that arise in the moment.

Individuals may also apply to attend the workshop as patients/healees.


Program coordinators:

jody fJody Falconer, CMT, QTTT, has been practicing and studying TT since 1994 and teaching TT since 1997.  Her desire to understand healing and her own healing path lead her to Therapeutic Touch. She enjoys a lively massage practice in Sonoma, California where TT is at the root of her healing interactions.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACordy Anderson, RN, BSN, QTTT, has been practicing TT since 1984 and teaching since 1991.  She is the current chair of the Northwest Therapeutic Touch Institute, dedicated to TT education and support. She continues her “retreadment” (a term learned from Dee) as a part time Medication Management Nurse for Home Instead in Eugene and travels to teach TT wherever she is called in addition to her teaching and practicing in her home town of Eugene, Oregon. Her joy is to teach and mentor others on this journey.


Program Fee: $175  (Information on Housing & Meal fees is available here)

Please Note: The Roundhouse is reserved for Patient/Healee use during this program.

Once your registration has been received, you will be sent an additional application form to complete.  You will be notified of your acceptance into the program once your application has been submitted and reviewed.

This activity has been submitted to the American Holistic Nurses Association (AHNA) for approval to award contact hours.  The AHNA is accredited as an approver of continuing nursing education by the American Nurses Credentialing Center’s Commission on Accreditation.