Cultivating Mindfulness: The Path to Serenity and Insight

April 27-30 (Thursday dinner – Sunday breakfast)

This course will give participants a comprehensive overview of both the theory and practice of mindfulness meditation in plain English. There is nothing mysterious about meditation; it is a systematic process of introspection by which we can arrive at deep inner peace and insight.

We begin by using simple techniques such as systematic relaxation of the body, and mindfulness of breathing to cultivate greater awareness, concentration, and serenity. As our skill in meditation develops, we are able to investigate our inner world of emotions and mental states, and realize that we are in fact the creator of these states.

The truth is that no one in the world can make us happy or miserable, only we can create happiness or misery. With this understanding, we begin to appreciate that through the ‘miracle of being awake’ we can actually choose what we create, and thereby experience freedom.

John Cianciosi

John Cianciosi, a student of the late Venerable Ajahn Chah, was ordained a Buddhist monk in 1972 and served as spiritual director of monasteries in Thailand and Australia. He is author of The Meditative Path (Quest Books, 2001) and is currently the director of Public Programs at the Theosophical Society in Wheaton.





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Program Fee: $100

Information on housing and meal fees is available here.


Additional Course Overview

Thursday Evening Presentation

Indralaya orientation; followed by an overview of the scope of Mindfulness meditation and its benefits. Explaining Awareness, Concentration and Serenity. Getting started with posture, time, and place. Systematic relaxation.

Friday Morning

Mindfulness of Breathing. Knowing the In and Out Breath with present moment awareness.

Friday Afternoon

Understanding how to apply right effort in guiding the mind.  Some of the common problems encountered in meditation practice and how to work with them.

Friday Night

The Essentials of Buddhism

Saturday Morning

Refining our attention on the breath by thinning out the jungle of thoughts, and inclining towards present moment silent awareness of each breath.

Saturday Afternoon

Meditation in Daily Life. Bringing more mindfulness into ordinary activities, so that gradually more of life becomes an aspect of meditation.

Saturday Night

Exploring the nature of the physical world as we experience it through our five senses, and our inner world of emotions.

Sunday Morning

Living with a trouble free mind, and maintaining one’s practice beyond this course.