Honoring of the Ages: 90th Anniversary Celebration Weekend


June 29 – July 2  (Thursday dinner-Sunday breakfast)

This special 90th anniversary weekend will kick-off the 2017 summer program season.  Ceremony, meditation, and discussion will be woven together to honor this significant anniversary and all those who have participated in the life of Indralaya.

The weekend also includes the annual meeting of the Friends of Indralaya.

The program fee has been waived for this celebratory weekend. In exchange we are inviting everyone attending to volunteer a couple hours work each day.

Housing and Meal fees for the weekend range from $135 to $246 depending on the choice of accommodation.  More information on housing and meal fees is available here.



The schedule (still in development) for the weekend is as follows:


Thursday, June 29


6:00 dinner

8:00 evening program – welcome, introductions, camp songs & 90th anniversary slide show

Friday, June 30

7:30 morning meditation

8:00 breakfast

10:30 morning discussion

Indralaya was founded as an ongoing experiment in theosophical living. What does this mean?  Format: General presentations on the founding and history of Indralaya as a theosophical camp, followed by small group and general discussion.

Explore questions such as “What does it mean to be a theosophical camp in 2017?” “How has what you’ve learned of theosophy at Indralaya informed your life?” “How can the theosophical aspects of Indralaya be strengthened?”

12:30 lunch

3:00 afternoon discussion

Theosophical Society founder HP Blavatsky once wrote, “Nature Unaided Fails”. In the 90 years that Indralaya has been in operation, a close relationship has been established with the inner and outer realms of nature. How do we best maintain and build on that in a time of environmental change? Are there ways to manage the encroachment of the forest and growth of trees that both honors this close relationship and allows more sunlight into the built part of the property? These questions and others will be discussed.

6:00 outdoor BBQ dinner

8:00 evening program: Deep Singing

Saturday, July 1

7:30 morning meditation

8:00 breakfast

10:30 morning discussion

Reminisces and Stories of Indralaya – honoring those from all generations who have made a difference in our lives

12:30 lunch

2:00 Friends of Indralaya annual meeting

3:00 Angel Wash

6:00 dinner – Thanksgiving/Gratitude Dinner

8:00 Honoring of the Ages procession and campfire – singing, skits, etc…

Sunday, July 2

7:30 morning meditation

8:00 pancake breakfast

good-byes and fare-thee-wells