2017 Program Calendar

Thank you for your interest in upcoming programs at Indralaya.

2017 Spring Programs & Work Parties

February 17-20
President’s Day Work Party

March 24-26
Spring Work Party

April 21-23
Earth Day Work Party

April 27-30
Cultivating Mindfulness:  The Path to Serenity and Insight
John Cianciosi

May 4-7
Sufi Practices to Open Our Heart
Imam Jamal Rahman

May 18-21      Full
Liz Doyle

May 26-29
Memorial Day Work Party

June 1-4
Perennial Wisdom and the Evolution of World Culture
Minor Lile and Leonie Van Gelder

2017 Therapeutic Touch Programs

June 10-14
 Foundations of Therapeutic Touch

June 10-16
Intermediate Therapeutic Touch

June 10-16
Therapeutic Touch Mentorship:Exploring the Transpersonal Nature of Therapeutic Touch

June 19-25
Therapeutic Touch as a Path of Consciousness, Healing & Service

2017 Summer Programs & Work Parties

June 29-July 2
Honoring of the Ages: 90th Anniversary Celebration Weekend
July 1–Annual Meeting of the Friends of Indralaya

July 6-9
Liz Doyle

July 5-11     Cancelled 
Family Week One

July 15-21
Family Week Two

July 24-30
Deep Singing
Helen Bee & Barbara Bellamy

August 3-9
Creativity Week: Finding Insight and Inspiration in Nature
Penny Sharp-Sky

August 12-13
Open House Weekend

August 16-22
Rolf Eriksen, Dave Christensen, and Karen Funt

August 24-27
End of Summer Work Party

2017 Fall Programs & Work Parties

August 30-September 3
Meditation, Nature and Community
Joel and Michelle Levey

September 7-10
Deep Singing Weekend
Helen Bee & Barbara Bellamy

September 21-24
The Magical Art of Story
RJ Stewart and Anastacia Nutt

September 29-October 1 FULL!
Fall Harvest Work Party

October 5-8   Postponed to June 2018
Barbara Hebert, Ph.D., President, Theosophical Society in America

October 19-22
Silent Meditation Retreat
Leonie Van Gelder & Minor Lile

November 10-12
End of Season Work Party