Donations & Membership

Ever since Indralaya began, the entire enterprise has rested on the love and labor of countless volunteers. With few exceptions, volunteers built the camp’s buildings, cooked for the crowds, led discussions, sang for evening campfires, pruned trees and pressed cider, organized projects for children, did plumbing and wiring, and every other imaginable task.

We still rely on volunteers for a vast amount of the work, including most of our maintenance and construction, cooking, trail maintenance, wood chopping, cleaning, and so much more.

Also since the beginning, Indralaya has relied on the community for generous financial help – for dollars to build the buildings (and nowadays to repair those buildings!), to create (and recreate) the water system and other infrastructure, to support the full-time caretakers or managers.

So there are many ways to get involved. Here are some specifics:

  • Volunteer – There are many opportunities to volunteer at Indralaya: weekend work parties, work fellowships, as program staff, contributing your special skills or by spreading the word. Find out more about volunteer opportunities >>
  • Become a Member Becoming a member of “The Friends of Indralaya” not only expresses your commitment to Indralaya, it also brings several benefits, described more fully on the membership page. Find out more >>
  • Become a Donor The financial support of generous donors is essential to Indralaya’s well-being. Your support helps make what happens here possible!   Find out more >>