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In the summer of 1927, a bold band of theosophists set up tents near an old farmhouse on Orcas Island to discuss science, philosophy, cosmology, the unity of mankind and living in harmony with nature. The facilities were Spartan, supplies were limited and the grass was high. Out of their gathering was born Camp Indralaya, a center for living close to nature — full of shared human effort, joy and companionship — a place for communing with nature amidst tall trees near the sea.

The “1940 Report to Camp Indralaya” best describes the essence of the camp’s foundation:

“The future of this venture is in your hands. It offers intriguing possibilities, not only as a refuge in a war-torn world, and a haven from materialistic uncertainties, but as a place where the building of a better world is a possibility; for education free from dogmatism and a chance to live and grow normally under natural conditions in one of nature’s grandest amphitheaters.

It is not the property of a few people, but belongs to you; it is held in trust for a great purpose, the exact nature of which will disclose itself as the plan unfolds.

Whatever development takes place, it is bound to be the result of the spontaneous enthusiasm of those who have benefited in the past.”


The name Indralaya derives from Sanskrit and means “a home for the spiritual forces in nature.” Through the application of the principle of “ahimsa” or nonviolence to living things, an atmosphere has been created of cooperative harmony with nature and each other.

“I have always thought that this is a wonderful place to bring children, to share a reverence for life which is part of theosophy. We experience a friendship with nature…”

– An Indralaya participant


Since Indralaya’s beginnings in 1927, its buildings, utilities, and infrastructure have all been created as a labor of love by literally hundreds and hundreds of devoted volunteers. We have had occasional professional help, but mostly vollunteers have built Indralaya. Several work parties are held in the spring and fall. The number of participants at these fun and communal weekend gatherings ranges from 25 to more than a 100 people. There is no charge, as Indralaya provides room and board in exchange for your time and energy.


Camp Indralaya is a sanctuary of natural beauty and peace. The property encompasses 78 acres of forest, meadow, and trails, situated along 3/4 of a mile of picturesque shoreline. We share this space with rabbits, deer, owls, squirrels, sea otter, bald eagles, and other wildlife. There is a deep sense of community with the natural world that has been developed and strengthened over Indralaya’s long history – an honoring of the spirit and energies of nature that provide the backdrop for the strong sense of connection that many feel upon visiting for the first or the one hundredth time. Perhaps it is this subtle realization of oneness with the life of this place that is most central to the experience of community at Indralaya.