Orchard and Garden

Bountiful apple harvests!

When Indralaya began in 1927, what we currently call the meadow was an apple, plum, and pear orchard. Most of these fruit trees are over 100 years old and it is amazing what good fruit they still produce! We have continued to plant new fruit trees over the years and have worked at maintaining the old orchard.

In February we begin the pruning of the fruit and the Fall Harvest Party is a testament to the strength and virility of these old trees.

The garden is such a lush environment, and is so peaceful. Even if you don’t see those very busy nature spirits you feel them at work! Like everything else at Indralaya, the garden owes its integrity to those spirits, human and more ethereal, who have dedicated and committed themselves to its blossoming.

John Abbenhouse, past resident manager

John Abbenhouse, past resident manager

There have been many dedicated gardeners throughout the years and they have influenced the growth and development of the garden. The current garden was started in about 1968-69. With Dorothy and John Abbenhouse’s tenure as resident managers, beginning in about 1973, it really took off!

The Indralaya garden has always been an organic garden. The composting of garden and food waste was started very early on in the life of the garden. In the last few years there has been both a garden waste compost and worm compost system.

Raised beds, ala the John Jeavons method were introduced in the 1970’s. We currently have 30 or so raised vegetable beds, including herbs, mint, and a large variety of vegetables.

Flowers act as companions in the vegetable beds and also have their own plots. In addition to being a source of food, the garden is certainly a splash of color and magic that contributes mightily to the already enchanted landscape.