Camp Life

Meeting by the madrone

meeting by the madrona


Summer programs (with the exception of the Celebrate the Family Spirit weeks) begin with dinner on Saturday evening and end with a morning discussion and lunch the following Thursday. Most Spring and Fall programs begin with dinner on Friday evening and conclude after lunch on Sunday. The first program evening often includes a general orientation to the Camp. Summer programs include an optional afternoon session exploring Indralaya’s history, the Theosophical Society and the tenets of theosophy.

Guests are welcome to stay at camp between programs during the summer. However, because the time between programs is casual and less structured, we encourage people who wish to stay between programs to do so after rather than prior to attending a program.

See Daily Camp Life for more information.

Young Theosophists work party friends

happy workers


Work Party Weekends are structured differently. Work parties have a long tradition at Camp and are essential to its continued well-being. We invite and encourage your participation in the work parties for this year. We provide room and board in exchange for your time and energy.

The fun begins at 9:00 or so in the morning, after breakfast chores are done. We break for lunch at 12:30 and then come together for another couple hours of work in the afternoon. Evenings are devoted to informal discussion and entertainment by the fireside-bring your talents and musical instruments with you!

Finding solitude on a personal retreat

finding solitude


Members of the Friends of Indralaya and Theosophical Society members who are in harmony with the ideals of Indralaya are eligible to book a personal retreat when there is no other program activity scheduled and weather permits. Personal retreat visits need to be scheduled and pre-approved by the resident managers.


Indralaya is truly a place for families, a place for parents to introduce their children to a community based on the values of shared participation and an active relationship with nature.

Family members old and young

family members old and young

Parents are urged to read our program descriptions carefully in order to select those programs most geared to meet family need. Children under the age of 12 must be supervised at all times. Childcare is not provided. Please check with the management regarding camp policies related to trails, equipment, and waterfront activities.

All children and teens (17 and under) attending camp without a parent must have a designated sponsor at camp who is 21 or older and has filled out and signed a sponsor form. Teenagers 13 and older are welcome to apply as daily-staff members. Fellowship staff must be age 18 or older.